Study Abroad Policy

The Georgetown Law Journal, recognizing the Georgetown Law’s commitment to expanding study abroad opportunities for its students and recognizing the need to ensure that Journal members are, to the greatest degree possible, given the opportunity to participate in these programs, adopts the following policy:

(1) The Georgetown Law Journal is prepared to work with any 3L member who wishes to participate in the Law Center’s study abroad program, provided the 3L member agrees to and abides by the following restrictions:

(A) the member cannot hold the position of (i) Editor-in-Chief, (ii) ARCP Editor-in-Chief, (iii) Managing Editor, (iv) ARCP Managing Editor, (v) any “Senior Editor” position (defined as an editorial position conferring Senior Board status as understood under Article IV.A. of The Georgetown Law Journal Constitution), or (vi) any “Executive Editor” position, including, but not limited to, Executive Editor, Executive Articles Editor, and Executive Notes Editor;

(B) the member must agree in writing, pursuant to language drafted by the Senior Board, to complete all work by all deadlines assigned by her or his committee head;

(C) the member must obtain prior approval from the Editor-in-Chief, who will consult with the Senior Board prior to granting such approval; and

(D) the Law Center has provided the technology necessary to enable the Journal (and other Law Center journals similarly situated) to communicate with its members participating in the study abroad program.

(2) The Georgetown Law Journal currently does not have the necessary work-delegation structure to permit 2Ls to be Journal members and also to participate in the Law Center’s study abroad program. Thus, as of the 2013-2014 academic year, 2Ls may not participate in the study abroad program and serve on the Journal.

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