An essential element of The Georgetown Law Journal‘s mission is to encourage and provide a forum for the publication of students’ academic scholarship. In keeping with this goal, the Notes Committee typically selects two or three student notes for publication in each issue.

Through an anonymous selection process, the Notes Committee considers many aspects of each paper, including the timeliness of the issue discussed, the novelty of the author’s argument and analysis, the appeal of the topic to a generalist legal audience, the quality of the writing, and the paper’s compliance with current Bluebook standards.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see submission procedures. The Notes Committee reserves the right not to consider notes that are submitted in a manner other than in accordance with the below procedures.

The Notes Manual

The Notes Committee developed the Notes Manual to guide GULC students through the process of writing a note of publishable quality. The Notes Manual provides (1) detailed information on the note requirement for Journal members; (2) what a note is and what it should accomplish; (3) topic selection; (4) the mechanics of writing a note; (5) the elements of a publishable note; and (6) the Notes Committee Selection Criteria. Download the Notes Manual: PDF / Word.

Journal Members

Journal members are required to submit a note for consideration to fulfill the writing component of their Journal experience. The note is due in December of the member’s 3L year. Journal members may submit multiple notes for publication.

Non-Journal Member GULC Students

The Journal also invites the submission of papers by GULC students who are not Journal members. These papers must conform to the note submission procedures listed on this page.

Recently Graduated GULC Students

All recently graduated GULC students may submit for consideration papers that they wrote while students at the Law Center. The deadline for these submissions falls in August following the students’ graduation. See below for specific deadlines.

Upcoming Deadlines for 2016

To be considered for Volume 105, submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the following dates:

  • 105.1: 2/18/16
  • 105.2: 5/25/16
  • 105.3: 7/18/16
  • 105.4: 8/23/16
  • 105.5: 9/30/16
  • 105.6: 12/19/16

Submission Procedure for GULC Students

Submissions should be emailed to Luke Sullivan, Senior Notes Editor, at

The submission should be anonymous; the author’s name and other identifying information should be removed from the document. Although there is no specific length requirement, the submission should generally be at least 6,000 words. The author must also submit a brief anonymous statement of originality, not to exceed one page, explaining the unique nature and relevance of the note in the context of the larger academic dialogue.

To comply with GULC requirements, students cannot submit for consideration papers written for courses at GULC until the papers have been submitted to the Registrar for a grade.